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Skinification of make-up, is it really new?

This is one of the new words that agitate the small world of beauty: would skinification be the new frontier of makeup?


The skinification, it is the hybridization of skincare with other beauty, make-up, hair care, hygiene and even perfume categories. Yes, skincare infuses all categories! The boom in facial care since the confinements of 2020 has made beauty players want to put skincare everywhere, in a more holistic and functional approach to other cosmetic segments, with the idea of providing them with additional performance. 

The word skinification has relatively recently become a staple of the cosmetic vocabulary, but is the trend really new in makeup? 


Two years ago, we already proposed to you on this blog an article entitled "ALL TIGERS, natural care makeup". As much to tell you that the philosophy underlying skinification, we really like it, and for a while. 

Historically, many brands, including those who had primary legitimacy in facial care, wanted to bring this skincare expertise into their makeup ranges, to differentiate and legitimize themselves, by deploying different arguments from brands from fashion or professional makeup, who are more experts in the spirit of the times and professional gestures. We are therefore not quite faced with a new trend, rather a trend in make-up that highlights, beyond color, skincare benefits. 

What is certain, that this expectation is stronger than ever, and we were able to measure it from the start of ALL TIGERS. As you know, the creation of ALL TIGERS was done in co-development with the community, associating future users via Instagram at all the decisive stages of the brand. And it's simple, when you ask the community what they want, well, they want EVERYTHING (logical!): intense and long-lasting colors, natural and vegan compositions, and... formulas that do good beyond color. The idea of makeup enhanced with skincare benefits emerged as a major expectation, and so all ALL TIGERS formulas are enriched with caring ingredients.

We thus leave a purely superficial vision of make-up for bring wider benefits. In terms of formulation for ALL TIGERS, skinification is embodied in two main ways:

- In natural makeup, the whole formula is active. In conventional formulation, many of the synthetic components are simple, inert (at best!) texturing agents that are not of particular skincare value, such as silicones. In natural formulation, each ingredient is active, each ingredient brings multiple benefits, including those that will contribute to the texture such as oils and vegetable waxes for example, which nourish, repair, preserve. 

- In ALL TIGERS formulas, always skincare active ingredients. The restorative centella asiatica at the heart of our lip formulas, a cocktail of care active ingredients in our nail polishes, have already paved the way. And the Extra-Volume Mascara incorporates an eyelash care serum : castor and jojoba oil to support eyelash growth, rose water and centella asiatica for their soothing and repairing properties. 

The desire for care make-up is regenerated by the rise of naturalness, which induces a more holistic vision and well-being of beauty gestures. 


If the skinification make-up therefore comes down to putting more emphasis, beyond color, on skincare benefits, the trend is already changing. The trend agency Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation notes an evolution towards a trend of "healthification" : from health, physical or psychological benefits, in even more holistic vision of make-up.

On a psychological level, makeup thus becomes a time for oneself, to help manage anxiety, stress, lack of self-image that haunt the Covid and post-Covid period. On the physiological benefits side, the hybridization is done with food supplements, which have experienced a very good dynamic over the past 2 years.

For ALL TIGERS, this has already taken the form of an unexpected launch for a makeup brand. The infusion infusion Fortifying Claw responds to this desire to take care of care in a more global way.  5 spices for energy, the goji berry for skin radiance, a bamboo and barley cocktail rich in silicon for the nails, we are thus breaking down the traditional boundaries of a make-up brand to explore other benefits .

So, are you more Skinification or Healthification?  

Want to take over ALL TIGERS? Only one solution: subscribe now to our instagram page and make your voice heard. Many other projects are to come! We consult with our community at every key brand milestone. Ready to roar? ROAAARRRR! 

Photo : Kelsey Curtis

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