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ALL TIGERS' Search for the Best Mascara

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What’s the best mascara around? Our answer is simple: the perfect mascara is the one you’ve made yourself.

When Alexis launched ALL TIGERS, his main goal was to fully include those who were really going to use the products in the brand’s creation and development. No to all-powerful artistic directors, no to style gurus and influencers. United on social media, the ALL TIGERS community has given the green light to every aspect of the brand’s products, from its lipsticks, to its nail lacquer, to its eyeshadows. So, now we are on to
the next thing you've asked for: MASCARA!

What comes to mind when you think of the greatest mascara around? 

Because one thing is for sure: we want ALL TIGERS mascara to be the best of the best! To do this, we decided to turn to the experts, YOU! When we started to check out different formulas and packaging, we launched a major survey to find out exactly what you are looking for. We received more than 700 replies in only a few days, and we continue to receive feedback which will further enhance our understanding of your wants and needs. Thank you so much for your precious suggestions. They are essential for a young brand to make the smartest choices!

Want to respond to the survey? You can still do so here.

The Challenges of Mascara
Have you ever gone behind the scenes of what it takes to make mascara? If not, you might be surprised to know that excellent mascara is an incredible challenge.

First off, it is a technical challenge worthy of NASA (we are hardly joking!). It all depends on a trio, where each part has a major role to play:

>The wand is an architectural feat on a scale of just a couple inches. Take any mascara wand and observe its deceivingly simple structure. In reality, every brush, every bristle—from the shape, to the size, to the angle—has been meticulously created for a very specific purpose. Once the formula has been developed, the wand, according to its shape, applies the formula and brushes it to your lashes just so to ensure they are perfectly separated, curved, and covered. It is truly an art form!

>The mascara formula both tints your lashes and works as a kind of styling gel to guarantee it stays a certain shape once dried. No surprise that conventional formulas use synthetic ingredients that often make us raise our eyebrows... Silicones (like olydimethylsiloxane) are just one ingredient that take absolutely no care of your lashes and aren’t exactly biodegradable, so they tend to build up in our environment. Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (D5) is an example, which is often cited to be a possible endocrine disruptor. Mineral oils (which are distillates of petroleum) as well as components like paraffin wax, BHT, PEG, phenoxyethanol, and isododecane are other
shady ingredients you can go without. Our eyes aren't waterproof! Anything you put in or on them will seep into your skin and wind up in your bloodstream. So, it’s best to pay attention to what you apply to your body. Even beeswax, which may seem harmless, is not completely free from monkey-business. In fact, it is almost always imported from far-off countries, and the methods used are far from the picturesque image of a healthy hive in an open field tended to by a dedicated beekeeper... There are, of course, mascara formulas made from natural ingredients, but many of you have shared with us a certain amount of suspicion after some pretty disappointing experiences. Challenge accepted! 

>The wiper, which is the least observed part of the trio, yet it plays a major role! The wiper sits inside the mascara tube, close to the opening, and makes sure the brush of your mascara wand has just the right amount of formula for ideal eyelash application.

Creating the perfect balance of this wand-formula-wiper trio is something mascara experts obsess over. Harmony between the three means equal effort all around. Testers must therefore make sure that each part of the trio works in tune every step of the
development phase.

The other challenge is tied to our own perceptions about mascara. Sure, we all dream of finding the all-in-one mascara. But is a universal mascara a myth? The experts we met with agree: you can never please everyone. If we go beyond the quality of the
formula, we have to consider the length and fullness of our lashes, the shape of our eyes, and all these other aspects that directly impact whether we consider a mascara to be “good” or not. One mascara for all, and all for one mascara: is this an impossible thing to meet?

ALL TIGERS Mascara, Responding to What You Want and Value

Now that we've presented the weight of the challenge, let’s turn to your feedback. Here is our first analysis of your replies to our survey. It encompasses all the answers we’ve received thus far and will be completed with future results.

Makeup unlike any other - What did we first learn? For those of you that took the time to respond to our survey, you’ve made it clear that mascara is not like any other makeup product you own. In fact, it is what you use most often! 90% of those polled wear
mascara daily
. 41% even wear it around the house! And there’s no doubt about it: mascara is, more than any other makeup product, thought about in depth before purchase. Impulse buying is not a thing when it comes to mascara. 76% of those polled
have stated they will only buy new mascara once the current tube is used up.

Performance criteria - You want your mascara to be the best, and that is completely normal! What makes up an excellent mascara? Lasting wear all day long, non-clumping, easy to apply and take off, and either defined, separated lashes or full, luscious lashes. And when it comes to this last point, two teams emerge. In fact, it is a matter of a major split. There are the fans of volume, who want to have visibly thick lashes, and then there are the aficionados who seek definition and length and prefer to have long, separated lashes. Remember the “wand-formula-wiper” trio? The same kind of trio won’t respond to all these very distinct expectations. This questionnaire made us take a good look at your
wants and needs. So, to best respond to them all, we have decided to make not one, but TWO mascaras!

Green all the way - Whether it is for your health, animal rights, or environmental advocacy, a large part of those polled are looking for a natural, vegan formula and eco-friendly packaging. We recognize you there, Tigers! Your convictions are as strong as
ever. Our formula range is quite large and made up of plant waxes and oils. Plus, we strive to prioritize to a max an all-natural and environmentally friendly product. When it comes to packaging, there isn't always the perfect solution, but you can count on us to make the best decision there is.

And this is only just a part of the answers we’ve received—this questionnaire has been a treasure trove of information for us! The criteria you've noted as key will now be part of
our specifications to create the best mascara around! Keep an eye out for your first ALL TIGERS mascaras, made with your wants and convictions in mind, towards the end of the year.

Thank you so much for joining us on this new adventure.

You want to take the reins of ALL TIGERS? There’s one thing you can do: follow us on Instagram and let your voice be heard. We consult our community every step of the way. Ready to roar? ROAARRR!

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