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ALL TIGERS new natural & vegan PINK lipsticks

ALL TIGERS is launching three new natural and vegan lipstick colors. As Always with our new products, they were first available in pre-orders : by taking part of these pre-orders, you’re helping ALL TIGERS independently pursue its quest to provide ethical cosmetics that are more respectful of women and their convictions.

They are now available on our e-shop and via our retail partners. So, are you ready for POWER PINK? 

rouge à lèvres beige rose foncé ALL TIGERS

Girlie Pink... or POWER PINK? 

We say that pink is “the ultimate feminine color.” It’s a misunderstood color, for while it’s often regarded as tender and fragile, it is, in reality, strong, energetic, and powerful. Hm... This sounds familiar... Don’t we often hear the same thing about women? 

For spring, we’ve decided to go for PINK POWER. From last December to January, you’ve helped us come up with three pink variations. You chose, approved, and adjusted the three shades. These new ALL TIGERS lipsticks are yours. 

ALL TIGERS rouge à lèvres rose

On our Insta in December, surveys and followers with high demands! 

Anticipated initially for summer 2019, these three new shades took a bit more time than expected in order to refine the aspects of the brand so near and dear to our heart: natural, vegan, and long-lasting.

3 New Powerful and Dedicated Shades 

rouge à lèvres beige rose foncé

The 3 New Shades: Pink Beige, Pink and Intense Pink

 ALL TIGERS is first and foremost about cosmetics that are committed to the convictions of our community. These new colors attest to: 

- new vegan formulas with absolutely no animal or animal-based ingredients. We're against animal testing everywhere, which is prohibited in Europe but still goes on in certain countries; 

- the formulas are made up of plant oils and waxes and contain up to 96.5% natural ingredients and up to 41% organic ingredients;

- all our packaging is from recyclable materials (HDPE, aluminum, gloss-free and metal-free FSC cardboard), approved by natural label standards;

- the colors are fresh, deep, and provide full coverage, guaranteeing long-lasting wear that never dry out your lips thanks to an active cocktail of plant oils

Proud to be part of 1% FOR THE PLANET; 1% of our sales goes to the Poh Kao, an NGO committed to the protection of tigers in Rajasthan.

Limited edition: the POWER PINK trio pouch

cadeau noel maquillage rouge à lèvres beige rose foncé trousse

Let's start by the full line, the all-included, for those who want it ALL : the limited edition makeup pouch, made of organic cotton, offered with the 3 beige, pink and intense pink lipsticks. Each lipstick has its carton box, so that you can offer them separately. >> Order the pouch & 3 lipstick 


PINK BEIGE 696, Subtle and Sensual 

The sensuousness of nude, the freshness of pink: with its shade wavering between beige and blush, Nude Sienna 696 is the perfect balance between subtlety and shine. An absolute beauty trend to follow and perfect for everyday or special events, this nude sienna is flattering on any skin tone. Roar! >> Order Here 

Vegan formula, made up of 96.5% natural ingredients and 28% organic ingredients.  

Le PINK 792, The Rebel

A pure pink, the epitome of rebellious and bold femininity. Don't be leery of its girly allure, this Pink 792 is first and foremost full of energy, a pop of color for any complexion which visibly plumps your pout. Lively and passionate, this color knows how to turn heads. So, do you dare? >> Order Here

Vegan formula, made up of 92.5% natural ingredients and 28% organic ingredients. 

INTENSE PINK 793, Without Compromise

The deep pink lipstick 793, this blend of light and dark, is revelatory of a strong personality that sticks to its guns! It brings warmth to lighter skin tones and lights up darker complexions. Queens of the jungle, take note: the words that spill from these lips will light fire in any soul. >> Order Here

Vegan formula, made up of 94.5% natural ingredients and 41% organic ingredients.


Whether you’re #TeamAnimalLover or #TeamPlanetLover, the queen of the jungle is YOU. You want to take the reins of ALL TIGERS? There’s one thing you can do: follow us on Instagram and let your voice be heard.  We consult our community every step of the way. Ready to roar? ROAARRR!  

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