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Interview with Marion, Founder of Oden: “Always on the lookout for natural ingredients grown with love.”

In the United States, there’s a high demand for brands that grow their own ingredients. This farm to face philosophy is clearly a priority in the cosmetics brand Oden

Marion has gone well beyond the Made in France label for her range of plant oils by making the rare choice to have every single Oden ingredient come from partner farms...or her own garden! No need to talk about product traceability—this is purely local. This dedication has placed Oden at the top of the list of natural French brands that matter. An interview with a Tiger that sows beauty.

ALL TIGERS marion weber ODEN

Hello Marion, tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Marion, and I’m the founder of the brand Oden. I’m 29 years old and am passionate about plant oils, botanicals, and reading. 

Do you need to be a Tiger to launch a project like Oden?

Of course! I consider myself to be a plant hunter. My playground—and hunting ground!—is the French countryside and its sustainable farmers. I’m always on the lookout for natural ingredients grown with love.

This is what makes me a Tiger: wanting to prove that a company can be profitable while respecting living beings in every single way. My jungle is my Oden Cosmetics Garden in Piriac-sur-mer. We grow all the plants used in our products through biodynamic gardening, which allows us to show the public a live display of our range. Gardening for me is a special moment to relax... 

I have to fight to show that it is possible to create an industry of French farming for cosmetics, and that there’s a true demand from consumer activists.

ODEN huiles

When do you feel like you’re “queen of the jungle?”

I feel like I’m queen of the jungle when I receive messages and positive feedback about our Oden products from customers. My crew is my family—I’ve got a lot of cousins! This also includes my friends, my boyfriend, our incredible artistic director Alexia Allet, and other inspiring green entrepreneurs like Tiphaine Guerout, the founder of edible cutlery Koovee.

So, you’re surrounded by a lot of women. And the famous myth of feminine rivalry: what’s your take?

I definitely don't believe in it. Since I began this entrepreneurial adventure, I've come across so much more sorority than rivalry! This is particularly true with young female entrepreneurs. I also think that there is room for everyone in businesses that focus on social and environmental improvement.

Who is the ultimate Tiger for you?

My ultimate Tiger? I’d have to say Fred Vargas, the writer who created one of my favorite literary characters ever, Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg. She’s also very committed to environmental protection.

And, when it comes to protecting the environment, what makes you bare your claws?

Recently, the hostile reaction from certain media sources and deputies to Greta Thunberg being invited to the National Assembly. It’s appalling! I just want to roar, “The younger generations don't think this. These reactions don't represent public opinion! Greta, we are delighted to have you here!

With regard to small or large victories, what makes you roar with pleasure?

When one of my partner farmers calls me and says, “Yeah, we’re on the same page, I’m going to grow this new plant on a little plot and see how it takes...”

Natural, vegan, and cruelty-free is therefore key.

There’s no doubt about it. I'd say it’s absolutely essential!

Do you prefer wide open spaces or the urban jungle to recharge your batteries?

It’s impossible for me to relax and rejuvenate in big cities, they’re too “mineral” for me. I prefer great green pastures...and the sea, above all!

Like you know, ALL TIGERS began with lipstick. What does lipstick mean for you?

Lipstick is important! It’s actually the only makeup product I put on my face.  A great shade makes me glow and gives me confidence.

Do you have a favorite lipstick color?

Coral orange! It goes great with my complexion. ;-)

There you have it, you’re now a Tiger! What’s your motto?

Seed Tiger, since I’m always looking for the best ones!

Thank you, Marion!

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