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New collection available for summer!

ALL TIGERS new products are now available right before summer.  Choose from a selection of brand-new lipglosses in 3 different shades and 6 new nail lacquer colors—every product is testament to our unwavering commitments. Support Our Combat! 

Over these past few weeks, during this unprecedented time in which we live, we have come to understand that nature is undeniably calling to us.

Who could still possibly find it logical to put on their lips or nails formulas saturated with substances that contain crude oil, chemical ingredients, or questionable or even controversial animal products and by-products ? Nothing is ever perfect—every cosmetic formula has to make compromises. But out of respect for the planet, humankind, and ourselves, let’s strive to move even more towards green and ethical—we’ve already gone so far compared to what we still mostly see on the market. 

This has been ALL TIGERS conviction since the very beginning. Now more than ever, we would like to give women the chance to easily transition towards green and ethical products without having to compromise on quality, intensity, or enjoyment. While the current crisis may have shed new light on our beliefs and led us to reinforce our convictions, it has also financially weakened our entire ecosystem. It is up to us to quickly revive our activity in order to support the partners that surround us. You can help. 


ALL TIGERS has 9 new items available for pre-order. Purchase them for a special pre-order price until June 2nd, and we’ll send them your way in late June. By pre-ordering these new summer products, not only will you be the first to wear them (lit!) or gift them, but you’ll also explicitly support all our supply partners (creation, manufacturing, logistics, etc.) and our fight towards committed cosmetics based on strong convictions—and ready to shake things up.

Your voice was heard and taken into account every step of the way, so here are the new items of the ALL TIGERS range coming out in July 2020:

  • Our first 3 lip glosses that are 100% vegan and 99% natural, with easy translucent wear—the shiny version of our lipsticks!
  • 6 new nail lacquer colors in addition to our current 6 shades, to expand your choice of hues just before summer.


Thank you ! Many of you responded to our questionnaire and surveys on social media. Thanks for helping us come up with a new generation of gloss! To you, all the brilliant and committed women by our side, we dedicate our very first line of 99% natural and 100% vegan high-shine lip gloss, chap-free thanks to a formula that’s more than 2/3 made of organic plant oils.

GLOSSY PINK 601 – Subtle and sly, this pink gloss boasts a light coverage for a sheer look that is simply exquisite. The face of an angel? Looks can be deceiving...

100% vegan formula, made up of 99% natural ingredients and 67% organic ingredients.

GLOSSY CORAL 701 – Energetic orange zest and a touch of ethereal pink make this coral gloss a burst of vitality. Its easy coverage ensures a lively and tasteful look for a luscious mouth perfect for summer!

100% vegan formula, made up of 99% natural ingredients and 68% organic ingredients.

GLOSSY RASPBERRY RED 801 – A base of red for intensity, a shade of pink for shine, this raspberry red gloss is the secret recipe for a fresh face. Its semi coverage blends dark and light for a result that is sleek, smart, and radiant.

100% vegan formula, made up of 99% natural ingredients and 68% organic ingredients.




TAUPE 108 - This gorgeous semi-gray, semi-mauve shade is seriously all the rage. Pair this lacquer with any look, from serious to whimsical. It is a source of spunk beneath a dreamy romantic air. Sensationally chic, for a unique and cool character that can’t be beat.

100% vegan formula, made up of 75.5% natural or plant-derived ingredients. 

WHITE 101 - Perfectly versatile, this pearl white lacquer with light pink accents is fearless, bold, and forever refined. Wear one coat for a transparent look that spiffs up your natural nail. Clean, smooth, and polished guaranteed. Wear two coats for a deliciously milky result, ideal for a subtle manicure that matches every style.

100% vegan formula, made up of 83% natural or plant-derived ingredients. 

PETAL PINK 102 - In the heart of the jungle, wildflowers bloom to reveal their luxurious and lively shades... This bold pink lacquer, fresh and radiant, celebrates the flora of these lush forests while ensuring a nail as sensuous as it is breezy.

100% vegan formula, made up of 81.5% natural or plant-derived ingredients. 

ORANGE RED 206 - This warm lacquer is a classy red with a hint of intense orange. Great for anyone with a predilection for tomato or poppy hues, this blood orange flatters every winter wardrobe and ensures that perfect pop of sunny red for any summer day. Just like the stunning coat of our favorite feline...

100% vegan formula, made up of 75.5% natural or plant-derived ingredients. 

BURGUNDY RED 207 - There are some colors we just cannot say no to—this burgundy is a fine example! This deep and sophisticated burgundy red lacquer resonates as an emblem of self-confidence and power. For those looking to take the reins and lead.

100% vegan formula, made up of 76.5% natural or plant-derived ingredients. 

NIGHT RED 208 - With the deep velvet shades of black blended with the elegance of red, this dark red lacquer is a fiercely sophisticated howl. It is the rebellious facet of an otherwise poised and polished look in which elegance and stylish spirit reign. Truly unbeatable.

100% vegan formula, made up of 71.5% natural or plant-derived ingredients. 



Yes, natural, ethical, and high-quality cosmetics is indeed possible! Our 6 commitments show you how: 

  • Fiercely stylish colors elected by the Instagram community.
  • Natural active ingredients for a better you beyond make-up.
  • Easy application and eco-friendly packaging made from materials approved by natural label standards.
  • 99% natural ingredients for our lip glosses with 65% organic, and up to 83% natural-based ingredients for our lacquers—with formulas that promote health, well-being, and purity. We only use synthetic ingredients when absolutely necessary for setting, resistance, and color.
  • 100% vegan, with zero animal-based ingredients, and we're against animal testing everywhere.
  • Tigers, 1% shareholder: Powerful yet threatened, the tiger has become the symbol of our community. We are proud to be part of 1% FOR THE PLANET, as 1% of our sales goes to the Poh Kao, an NGO committed to the protection of tigers in Rajasthan. The destruction of ecosystems promoted by illegal exploitation of forests and illicit wildlife trade is one of the main sources of the spreading of new viruses to humans and consequently creates global pandemics. We must act now and preserve them.   

Let yourself be seduced ! Thank you for your support.    


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