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Naturopathy, the art of drawing strength from plants

Take care of your energy, your glow, your nails: this is the goal of GRIFFE, the infusion signed ALL TIGERS, in a natural approach, directly inspired by the principles of naturopathy. We wanted to know more, with Julia Monnier, naturopath.

What makes seeing a naturopath for the first time?

Ideally, the right approach would be to consult a naturopath when all is well! To take stock of his health, in a global way. This is obviously rarely the case. In general, people went to see different types of therapists, in classical medicine, even in alternative medicine. They have tested a lot of things, and are disappointed because they don't have any results. They want to turn to natural remedies, and also to be listened to.

In conventional medicine, the appointments are often very short, very targeted, this does not allow the same global approach. The first naturopathic consultation can last an hour and a half, you have to change the whole lifestyle of the person.

The naturopathy covers a lot of needs, but as far as I'm concerned, I have a lot of acne-related consultations, that's my main specialty. People who come for consultation are already taking care of their skin, often with products from drugstore brands, or, for some, already using natural cosmetics. In any case, they want to take care of them, through natural health.

The naturopath is first and foremost a very personalized follow-up ...

This is the basis. There is a lot of information available on social networks, you can quickly be influenced the wrong way, try things, make mistakes: what worked on another person is not necessarily good for you. In naturopathy, the nemotion of individuality is essential: seeing a specialist allows you to have a more structured and absolutely personalized course of action.

Women who consult have grown up with the Internet, especially younger ones. They are very informed, very connected. To fight acne, and more generally for all skin problems, you need an in-depth knowledge of natural ingredients which are beneficial against acne, for skin radiance, for cell renewal, but also to avoid all the more questionable ingredients. Between blogs, influencers, whatever they can read in the press, it's finally too much information: they have tested ten thousand things without result! Meeting them in consultation allows them to reframe all that, to question their routine, to support them so that they can trust each other more.

Are herbal teas part of the therapeutic arsenal of naturopaths?

Yes quite ! In general, the first naturopathic consultation reviews diet, emotional management, physical activity. It’s my jobeducate people about health and the roles of plants. I explain the benefits of each plant, its individual action, why and how to combine several. For example, for acne, there are useful plants in the form of food supplements, but one infusion can also help the body eliminate toxins.

Plants are at the heart of the therapeutic offer, in different forms. Some people prefer to take food supplements, others will love the herbal teas. The consumption of herbal tea has changed a lot, we think less of grandmother's herbal tea, in particular because certain brands have democratized and modernized the infusion.

Julia Monnier, naturopathe

The infusion still suffers from a apriori tenacious : it would be taken in the evening!

It’s very reductive. Herbal teas are something I know well. I have worked in herbalism for several years: on the subject of chronobiology, we worked with a pharmacist to develop a range of herbal teas, to be used at different times of the day, or according to the seasons. The benefits of infusions can be very diverse beyond sleep, they can be used to treat the skin, promote digestion etc. So l'infusion has its place in the morning.

What do you think of the recipe forALL TIGERS infusion ?

I like consistency with the brand! All these plants remind me of the tiger power. In ALL TIGERS infusion, as in any infusion, the plants never have one and the same property. There is the strengthening side indeed, the idea ofbring energy for the morning, at the same time the desire formaintain the beauty of nails. This may interest different types of people: those looking for energy without theine or caffeine, since you should avoid drinking too much tea or coffee, and those who want the remineralizing side instead, energizing, strengthening for nails

In the morning, black pepper and ginger, it moves! Vanilla and liquorice provide a natural sweet taste, very useful for sweetening spices. I, as a therapist, know that herbal teas do good, so I drink it too! And when we put ourselves in the shoes of the clients, there is one obvious fact: they want results, but they also want it to be good, to promote good follow-up of the treatment. If you say to yourself every morning, "I can't, this is bad, this is torture", it will be complicated. It has to be a pleasure, it has to be attractive, it has to make you want to.

For the creation of ALL TIGERS infusion, we wanted to help boost vitality and energy.

When we seek to gain energy, I find it relevant to have turmeric, not alone but associated with co-factors like pepper, ginger, cilantro. Ditto, for the nails, we will not isolate the ingredients but play synergies, like bamboo with beans.

In naturopathy, the knowledge of plants is essential. In some plants, we will exploit more the root, the stem, the flower etc. Depending on the part of the plant that is used, we will have access to specific minerals, anti-oxidants and micro-nutrients. The ideal is of course toassociate the plants with each other, to maximize profits. 

And out of curiosity, in a naturopathic consultation ... are we talking about our nails?

It may seem surprising, but yes! Naturopathy involves taking the person as a whole, to find the source of his problems. The morphology for example is very important, large, small, petite, round, all this gives indications. In the same way, the nails give indications on energy, vitality.

Take care of the nails, this is obviously important. Brittle, damaged nails are a bit like a mirror of what's going on inside: if the nails are soft or streaked, one can wonder if the person is absorbing minerals well, is it? eat enough, is the plate balanced. Do the nails grow easily or not? These are clues to the acidity of the body. Bitten nails suggest an anxious temperament, or under particular stress.

It is always the overall care that takes precedence, the overall hygiene of life. If we complement each other, we must have a life balance: if the person is not eating properly, skipping meals, that will not necessarily solve the problem! We can suggest rebalancing the plate, with foods rich in magnesium, calcium, silicon, it can be effectively through herbal infusion, or some food supplements.

For fortify nails, we will also use vegetable oils, in massage, a cream to massage his hands and nails. I always want to provide out-of-the-box advice for global work.

Can an infusion participate in a cure, to intensify the results?

We are talking about priest when trying to concentrate the effort to achieve tangible results. For some food supplements, and it is the same logic for an infusion, I recommend starting on a taken daily for 3 weeks, then a 1 week break, where the intake is suspended, to give the body time to absorb the effects, before resuming.

In naturopathy, we do not promise quick results, but lasting results. You have to be tenacious, regular, not to let go. With plants, the effects are excellent, but you have to accept that the process takes time.

Thanks Julia!


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