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Quand les utilisatrices créent leur rouge à lèvres idéal

When Women Create Their Ideal Lipstick

For ALL TIGERS, creating the perfect lipstick is our goal...so what if we let women have the power to create what they really want?  

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." This message was on the beautiful postcard I received as a gift the day I left my job to follow this kind of crazy—or, well, actually completely insane—dream to launch MY brand of eco-friendly and stylish makeup. This quote from novelist Peter Drucker perfectly expresses how everything started.

The story began a few months earlier. My pre-teen daughter was beginning to take an interest in makeup. We looked for the ideal lipstick, a safe formula that was still super trendy...to find out that choice was minimal. 

With the wave of green and the current craze for makeup, boosted by social networks, natural lipsticks should be ultra-trendy... But, in reality, not really. The offer is still quite inconsequential. There was nothing my daughter could truly identify with and nothing gave her the inspiration to think that she, as an adult, would have the opportunity to think big, to seek out the best for herself. She could not find something without compromise, without criticism, even in her everyday makeup products. 

Is Your Lipstick Safe?

With lipstick, one would eat...

...it's a thought that ruffles feathers: at the rate of consuming just a few milligrams per day, a woman could ingest up to 2 kg of lipstick in her lifetime! And what is it? Crude oil, silicone, synthetic filters...or natural animal-based ingredients such as carmine extracted from the cochineal (and unless you already eat insects, this can be surprising)... Yeah, that's how most lipsticks are made today! Ruins your appetite, doesn't it?

Soon enough, I realized that even the women around me who've gone green for food, for facials, for hygiene products...had not made the step towards makeup. The problem due to the fact that they did not find offers that inspired them. Yet they needed to confront the issue: how can we admit that such familiar brands are hiding so much and are so disrespectful of their costumers? These women were waiting for it—this super stylish lipstick that's nevertheless really respectful of women.

What if we gave the power to the customers?

ALL TIGERS quickly became a collective effort, thanks to women who, from the beginning, were enthusiastic about the project: a natural and trendy lipstick. It was their dream, too. Some had professional experience in the world of beauty, so they had a particularly sharp eye on the formula, or on the packaging, or in the branding... 

The decisive moment was the opening of the ALL TIGERS Instagram Account: a community of followers, of committed tigers, formed around the project in increasing numbers. Every major decision was submitted to the community each step of the process. And, step by step, we have defined and created the perfect lipstick, the one that checks absolutely all the boxes, together... The packaging, the applicator, the range of shades, the tone of the brand, everything has gone under review. In the end, it is the users who know best what they want and need, right?

This is how the project was born, this new generation of makeup: it's the one you choose without having to make any compromise on the quality of the products or on the glam (long wear, highly pigmented colors, great coverage, moisturizing, dry-free...), or on the eco-friendly aspect (with up to 100% natural ingredients and 40% organic ingredients, vegan...).

When the brand started, in pre-orders via a crowd-funding site, tigers again responded. Goal reached...from day one! Created by and for its community: this will always be the heart of our ALL TIGERS philosophy.

Eco-Friendly Lipstick, Beyoncé Style

Lipstick = Feminist?

We can't of course pretend, with such a project, to embrace all feminist subjects: it would be pompous and naive of us. Yet there is something in a lipstick that is fundamentally connected to the issues of respect for women, whether it's the attention to green formulas or the image of the woman you want to convey. Courage, strength, determination, ambition, instinct, power: These words so often associated with masculine figures. But what if we gave them a feminine sense? 

Strong Values

As you have clearly said on our Instagram, other brands surely do not hold back with their lipstick ads, like cheesy romantic stuff, seduction showing more than we wanted to see, and just plain blah look-at-me-I'm-beautiful... Beyond the product itself, there is also a mindset and values that users wanted to instill. ALL TIGERS embodies above all a certain idea of femininity. No restraints: wild. Not just rebellious: fiercely free. No way to fragile: powerful. 

The Mindset of a Warrior

"Actually, ALL TIGERS is like the eco-friendly lipstick when you're in Beyoncé mode." 

-An inspired fan

ALL TIGERS targets real women, who carry these values of strength, courage, determination... It is a tribute to women who are committed, confident, outspoken, to those who don't let others impose their life choices or condition their tastes through marketing rhetoric.

Powerful but threatened...the symbol of the tiger reminds us that we can believe in its power while remembering the threats and difficulties that affect women in society. Wearing ALL TIGERS lipstick is you being free and assertive, taking account for your colors, style, and choices—and expressing them loud and clear.

Whether you're #TeamZen or #TeamForce, the queen of the jungle is YOU. You want to take the reins of ALL TIGERS? There’s one thing you can do: follow us on Instagram and let your voice be heard.  We consult our community every step of the way. Ready to roar? ROAARRR!


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