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“Authenticity, meaning, commitment: it’s common sense.” - Interview with Pascale Gal, Co-Founder of Les Huilettes

Argan, rose geranium, or even prickly pear... The natural properties of these ingredients benefiting both the body and mind are no secret to Pascale Gal, co-founder of French cosmetics brand Les Huilettes. Committed to active and environmentally conscious cosmetics, this Doctor in Pharmacy and aromatherapist invites us on a fragrant journey to discover all that is green in her world. Portrait of a committed Tiger and entrepreneur.


Pascale, co-founder of Les Huilettes

PART 1 - Tiger Pascale 

What makes you a Tiger 😉?

My want to roar and enjoy every moment of life !

When do you feel like you're "queen of the jungle"? 

Queen of the jungle? More like queen of the oils !
What is the thing I’m most proud of? Creating Les Huilettes, the brand of primarily oil-based cosmetics for healthier & greener beauty that’s devoted to our planet and so incredibly chic !
My crew? My groups of girlfriends I met while living abroad (I lived in India, Thailand, and Morocco). I love introducing them to each other!

After having traveled so much, what is your ideal jungle today ? 

After all these years of travel, my ideal jungle—the one that invigorates me and makes me happy—is in the foothills of Larzac, where I have a family home. Surrounded by pine and cedar trees in the middle of nowhere, it's just magical! I go there to relax, rejuvenate, do yoga, go on walks, and then I come back stronger than ever!

PART 2 - Les Huilettes : 100% active and organic formulas


Natural, vegan, organic : does that make you roar with pleasure ? 

Les Huilettes is first and foremost based on a personal belief in the effectiveness and benefit of oils. Next, it’s about sharing this expertise and giving women the opportunity to choose cosmetics that are respectful to oneself, one's skin, and the environment!

Could you tell us a bit about Les Huilettes' promise? Why did you and Claire feel the need to launch this brand of cosmetics based on commitment and meaning ? 

Things aren’t the same when you're forty as when you're twenty! (Laughs). Today, entrepreneurship can only go hand-in-hand with my convictions. As the yogis say, there needs to be alignment. Authenticity, meaning, and commitment are just common sense—today even more so, after so many years of conventional cosmetics.

Why were you so inspired by slow cosmetics ? How has this impacted the way you use beauty products ? 

The idea is less is more. Use less but choose something that respects you and is good for your skin and your health. We all reach a point where we need to take care of ourselves. This could be sparked by a pregnancy, an illness, a choice, a just becomes common sense. This is why I wanted to create a natural range of cosmetics that embraces the pure & simple philosophy (which means nothing’s added that’s not needed).

How do you choose the ingredients for Les Huilettes' formulas ? What ingredient makes you roar with pleasure ?  

I have a very particular list of specifications for Les Huilettes’ formulas and sourcing. This means no controversial ingredients, just natural oils that have never been esterified, combined with purely useful ingredients that are needed for the formula to function.

My favorite ingredients can be found in multiple Les Huilettes products, such as Argan, which is incredible for its texture and essential fatty acids, or Rose Geranium, which has well-known anti-age properties—plus, it smells amazing! 

What does natural and vegan cosmetics mean to you ? 

The use of natural and vegan makeup is a must for me. This encompasses both body and face care...
I wear very little makeup, just ALL TIGERS transparent lacquer. And if I want to roar with pleasure, I’ll put on just a bit of lipstick. It gives me power. :)

You mentioned that you wear makeup rarely- and lipstick on special occasions- but do you ever make any exceptions for your eyes?

I will sometimes steal my daughter’s mascara, but I really want to test the new ALL TIGERS 3-in-1 eyeshadow pencil in beige that’s coming out in March 2021. :)

Well, there you have it! You're now a Tiger! What's your mantra ?

Dare to stand !

Thank you Pascale ! 


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