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"Dare to be who you are!" | Marine Obin-Ratto, founder of Purpause

[IMPOSE YOUR VISION] She put her creative eye at the service of the most beautiful beauty brands, traveled around the world before settling in Asia, and made her passion for well-being and yoga the roots of Purpause her brand of inspired food supplements: meeting with Marine, a Tiger with an overflowing energy.

You introduce yourself ?

I am the founder of Purpause, a well-being, optimistic and
committed, who frees women from their ills... to change the world one woman at a time! 

Today we have 3 natural, clean and vegan food supplements: Not Today to better live your menstrual cycle, and relieve pre-menstrual syndrome and menstrual pain, Zen Master to manage stress well, and ensure despite the mental load, and finally Glow serum, a beautiful skin, radiance, hydration, anti-blemish and anti-aging face treatment, to swallow!

How do you see a woman's view of the world changing?

A woman's gaze is essential to open your eyes and the debate over gender equality, patriarchy, rape culture, and more generally the society in which we live. It is also another look at women, real, honest and without objectification, and therefore enriching and important.

More generally, the more we will be exposed to representations of the world
different, varied narratives and sensibilities, the more our visions of genders and differences will be diverse, inclusive, benevolent and the more we will be in knowledge, understanding and acceptance, and the more we will gain...all of them.

It is together that we can deconstruct these biases, at the root of inequalities and violence, and it is together that we can rebuild much better. It's a win-win!

Are these biases found even in dietary supplements?

If we just focus on products, in supplements for adults - excluding those specifically for women -, the dosage of active ingredients and the Recommended Daily Allowances mentioned are based on men's needs...! However, the requirements for vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc. are different between men and women. However, this difference is hardly mentioned or taken into account even if women are large consumers of food supplements.

And in the different categories, we see very well gender bias : the
'beauty' for women -skin, hair, slimming, detox, tan-, facing 'performance' for men -sport, muscle, vitality, energy-, and 'health'-sleep, stress, immunity, digestion , old age- more or less mixed...

Fortunately, we are seeing more and more young brands created by women for women, which have evolved the 'women's health' category: pregnancy, lactation, premenstrual syndrome, menopause, etc. Newer brands also have a more creative and ethical approach. And Purpause is one of them!

Yes, with Purpause, you address specifically women's concerns.

At Purpause, our food supplements are designed to respond comprehensively, holistically, to women's concerns, dosed specifically for female organisms and their needs, and with an uninhibited and uninhibited approach to subjects such as menstruation, hormonal acne, stress and mental load...

We have some deeply feminist values because it seems essential to us to free the perception and the word of women on these subjects and to free them from their evils. We also have ethical commitments (respect for the organism and the living, naturalness, eco-responsibility, clean products, etc.). For us, everything is connected.

Your view on... the cause of women: what still needs to be done?

There are so many things that still shock and revolt me in France, as in the rest of the world, and which are inherent in the perception and status of women in our society, but also in a cisgender, hetero-normative, controlling, devaluing, toxic and even violent male gaze.

I think first of gender and limiting biases that skew the way girls and women are treated, negatively impact all areas of their lives and perpetuate inequalities.

The objectification and hyper-sexualization of women is unbearable: our whole environment invites us to look at, judge and openly criticize women's bodies, their appearance or their behavior. Our society is saturated with images of unrealistic, fragmented, depersonalized, ever-young women that have harmful consequences for women, their health, their self-confidence, etc.

It should also be pointed out that injunctions imposed on women are many and contradictory, it is a constant pressure from an early age. You have to be a "good girl", a "good wife", a "good mother", "nice to look at", this and not that... As if the value of women depended only on external validation, as if women were only at the service and at the disposal of the other, without need, desire, thought or existence of their own.

I also think of harassment - street, work, transport, social networks-, violence verbal, physical and sexual do to girls and women, feminicides. The voice of women is little listened to and respected, these situations are poorly taken care of by institutions, and women are absolutely not protected. Women have internalized so many of these abnormal things that sometimes it's extremely hard for them to realize. from all this and to free oneself from it.

Fortunately, the floor is free, many movements and platforms
allow new insights and advances. That's pretty positive!

Your view on… the cosmetics industry: what do you think should change?

There are still brands that are still in this "Male gaze" who perpetuate beauty stereotypes and femininity, or who use feminist, inclusive, ethical tendencies to sell, without it being consistent with their values.

Fortunately, there are new brands, like ALL TIGERS, who step out of these limiting codes and representations, who are more sincere and authentic, and who have real commitments. The discourse on makeup is different. Rather, it is regain control on the narrative around femininity and beauty, to flourish and have fun, than to hide your "imperfections" or conform to the gaze of others or society, to "please".

These brands also want to be more representative of reality : no models or celebrities, just beings in all their richness and diversity…because ultimately beauty has no gender, color, weight, height, age or religion!

Your take on… mascara: what does it mean to you?

The gaze changes everything, there is something powerful in the gaze and what it can convey... I absolutely love mascara!!! Otherwise, for me, makeup is a means of expression and creativity. It's one of the ways of express yourself, be assertive, play with codes, have fun, have fun and take care of yourself.

It should not be a coercion, an obligation, or a prison. Some women feel compelled to wear makeup, don't feel beautiful without makeup, don't go out without makeup, it's sad.
And, judgments on women with little or no makeup "in society" are still very harsh, the same for men who wear makeup. Whatever your gender, you should be free to wear makeup or not as you wish, without risking judgement, mockery or criticism!

And to conclude: ALL TIGERS has 2 mascaras, which one would you choose?

The 2!! (laughs) If we talk about makeup, I rather want volume so "IMPOSE YOUR VISION" without hesitation. Otherwise, the name "EXPRESS YOUR VIEWS", speaks to me more because that's what I want to say to all the women around me: SPEAK UP!!!

Say what you think, dare to be who you are… Your personality, your word, your story, your experience are unique and can serve, enrich, and inspire others. So share them! You are exceptional, powerful, magnificent, never doubt it!

Thank you Marina!

Do you want to be an actor or actress in the ALL TIGERS adventure? Nothing's easier : subscribe now to our instagram page and make your voice heard. We consult with our community at every key brand milestone. Ready to roar? ROAAARRRR! 

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