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"Subtle makeup makes me feel more intense, sunnier" : interview of Elodie Garamond, founder of the Tigres Yoga Club

The Tigre Yoga Club! With such a name, the meet with ALL TIGERS was inevitable. Your Tiger life is a daily challenge and you need a moment to relax and recharge your batteries? Elodie Garamond, a mom addicted to yoga and founder of Le Tigre Yoga centers, leads us on an adventure of meaning and spirituality. The Portrait of a Tiger and Entrepreneur. 

How did you come to create Le Tigre Yoga? 

I am a “healthy mom” as well as a yoga and gentle and holistic body-oriented therapy addict for more than 20 years. I founded Le Tigre 8 years ago by simply responding to my personal need for a cozy and elegant space where I can explore everything I love like yoga, meditation, Pilates, gentle fitness routines, massages, healthy eating, and alternative therapy... I wanted to offer these various elements that promote a healthier lifestyle in the same space, a space that is comfortable and welcoming where people can relax and “press pause.” 

What makes Le Tigre Yoga unique today? What is it all about?

Without a doubt, the quality of our classes. I have really high expectations when it comes to hiring teachers and therapists (this is the only aspect in which I need to have the last say!). This expertise is our trademark. I am lucky to have been able to develop Le Tigre with an amazing team that believes in and trusts even my craziest ideas, like spreading out to 8 studios (before Covid, of course), an academy, events and retreats, and now a platform of digital content to share our yoga way of life.

When do you feel like you’re “queen of the jungle?”

When I receive messages from students thanking me for opening Le Tigre, because yoga has changed their life. I am proud and touched, since this—helping others—is what gives my life meaning and has me get up every morning. And when my kids are fighting or stressed out and they stop to breathe, and meditate, and find their miracle recipe to calm themselves down, I’m just over the moon, since I see it is possible and that a gentler world does exist! 

What makes you bare your claws?  

I dislike injustice and hasty judgments that stick to people based on false perceptions. Judging someone without knowing them, with bold, negative statements, is as common as it is dangerous. We can really do a lot of damage with that kind of flippant behavior.

ALL TIGERS at Tigre Yoga Club

What does makeup mean to you as a woman?

Elegance if it is discreet and subtly draws attention to your mouth, your cheekbone, your eyelid, etc.

In what instances do you find makeup to be important for women?

I like subtle shades like nude, which take the natural colors of cheeks or lips up just a notch. Subtle makeup makes me feel more “intense,” sunnier, like it will help draw a few eyes my way without being provocative or attention-seeking. To glow brighter, it is precious!

Thank you, Elodie! 

Pssst... The Le Tigre Chaillot and Rive Gauche yoga centers reopened their doors on June 9th. Maybe it's time for you to take a wellness break? 

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