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"Make-up, a synonym of confidence and freedom!" - Ghizlane Jougleux, founder of Mutyne

Fed up with Greenwashing in the household products industry, Ghizlane Jougleux left everything and founded Mutyne with her spouse. She tells us her personal story and the idea behind Mutyne in this fierce interview! 

Tell us about yourself and your adventure as a Tiger entrepreneur!

I am 40 years old, 2 children and I am a formulation chemist by training and trade! It was in 2017 that I decided to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure by offering my services as an independent consultant in regulatory affairs & formulation chemistry to support more or less large companies in France and abroad. During this experience, I often exchanged with Romain my spouse about my "frustrations" with the lack of ambition of certain market players. because I know it is possible to combine efficiency & eco-design while using honest and transparent communication. One evening in December, a "greenwashed" communication on a brand's social networks finally convinced me that it's time to stop noticing the abuses and get started in the creation of a brand of ecological, efficient and ethical household products for educational purposes to support consumer-actors in their sustainable consumption approach. All that remained was to convince Romain to leave everything to follow me on this adventure! In June 2020, we launched Mutyne J on our website

By creating eco-friendly products, Mutyne represents a "green revolution" (hence your slogan). Tell us about the importance of your range of ecological household products in the fight against global warming and greenwashing, a very widespread phenomenon in this field 

Our ambition is quite clear: become the reference brand for effective, sustainable and responsible cleaning while making obsolete the conventional products found in supermarkets which until then were essential for effective cleaning!

With Mutyne, since our creation we have set the bar very high by validating the effectiveness of our products against non-ecological market leaders, and this is not insignificant… the ultimate goal being to limit our impact on global warming.

As our products are eco-designed through life cycle analyzes (which measure the impact on the environment over the entire life cycle of a product), we know that the home use phase can represent up to 60% of the impact on global warming (when selecting washing temperatures, using hot water to clean the floor or dishes etc…). It is therefore essential that our products can present uncompromising efficiency cold or low temperature at the recommended dose.

But to offer ecological and efficient household products is not enough to limit the impact on the environment! it is absolutely necessary to accompany the consumer-actors in their approach with a lot of pedagogy to relearn the right gestures. We note with great sadness the rise of greenwashing in our sector, used for the sole purpose of selling … but it is not without collateral damage because the dissemination of false messages contributes to the misinformation of citizens.

So at Mutyne we decided (which is obvious) that we will use our marketing as an educational tool to help consumer-actorss in their approach to responsible consumption.

Ghizlane, fondatrice de Mutyne, marque de produits ménagers écologiques

When do you feel like 'Queen of the Jungle'?

It's not original, but it's sincere I am grateful to have two healthy children …as long as it lasts! Watching them grow and flourish fills me with joy.

I could have everything in life in terms of professional success, but it wouldn't make sense without them. 

What makes your claws stick out?

I am by nature smiling and playful and I do not like to take my head But I do not can't stand  (I would even say that I am allergic) lies and injustices.

And in those moments... you will need a lot of courage to get rid of me 😅  

Natural, clean, ORGANIC: why does all this make you roar with pleasure? 

I have been involved in responsible consumption for a very long time, so it is important for me to be able consume everyday products such as cosmetics with a limited impact on the planet.

Makeup symbolizes what for you as a woman?

 Makeup to me is all about confidence and freedom!

In which occasions do you think makeup is important for a woman?

Before confinement I never went out without, since there are days with and days without makeup depending on my mood and exit goal J! 

On very tired days, I always start my day with a prayer of thanks "Good bless the makeup" …otherwise I will not feel comfortable going out.

My favorite color: nude!


Merci Ghizlane ! 😄


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