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March 8th, International Women's Day: Is ALL TIGERS a Feminist Lipstick?

It's International Women's Day: "Vacuums are 20% off," "free liposuction"–what now?! Does that make you want to roar?

Celebrated every year on March 8, International Women's Day is all about startups this year. The United Nations is encouraging innovative ways to advance women's equality and empowerment by integrating start-ups and social entrepreneurs. So, here's the opportunity to tell you more about our convictions.

No, ALL TIGERS does not offer a discount for Women's Day.

Commercial offers on March 8 have become an almost obligatory passage. All brands compete with ideas. But no, ALL TIGERS does not offer any special discounts for International Women's Day.

The problem is the message that a special 'Women's Day' offer involves. Last year, the feminist newsletter Tapage emphasized that it was often a Festival of advertising messages completely off topic. And we've all been annoyed by those kind of discounts: vacuums at 20% off and liposuction for free, this wave of offers seems to identify every woman as an object or, at best, "the responsible party for purchasing"–in short, the modernized name of the housewife from less than 50 years, and advertisers' popular marketing target. At ALL TIGERS, it makes us want to roar!

We have better things to say and better things to do that day. We just want to tell you a little more about how our convictions remain at the heart of the ALL TIGERS' brand 365 days a year. And if you like our lipsticks, you can enjoy them all year round. 

Can a lipstick be feminist?  

It was a huge women's rights issue, and we couldn't help but ask: what about lipstick? Of course, for some, it might seem like the symbol of a dated and superficial image of women, of the beauty expectations imposed upon her... Not so simple.

We want to believe that with ALL TIGERS Lipstick can play a much more positive role: it is ultimately only what every woman wants to do with it, a symbol she can seize if she so desires. So many women we met consider it first and foremost a weapon for self-confidence. Of course, we don't pretend to respond to feminism as a whole with lipstick, we'd be fooling ourselves: it's too big of a task for us. But we are convinced that Lipstick can and should help women's voice be heard.

ALL TIGERS rouge levres vegan naturel feminisme feministe

ALL TIGERS, a brand created for women...

If the brand has a point of view that could be described as militant, it is that some values are anchored in ALL TIGERS' DNA, because they have in fact presided over its creation. Here's the explanation.

ALL TIGERS, a lipstick born from an uprising.

As a staple for the brand, there is this simple principle: During her life, a woman swallows a large amount of lipstick–up to 2 kg! What are the main components of the market's lipsticks? Crude oil, animal-based ingredients that are never clear on labels, and many other questionable components. But the first culprit is this crude oil that gives that smooth texture and helps lipstick last longer, but it's everywhere, in your organism and in the environment. If brands were more respectful of women, wouldn't they have already changed their formula...?

From a father to his daughter

Alexis, the founder of ALL TIGERS, became aware of the subject when his pre-teen daughter began to show interest in makeup. He realized that the women around him, even those that were choosing organic for many other things, did not cross over to eco-friendly makeup. Why? natural alternatives did not appeal or truly speak to them, they weren't hip or trendy enough, and didn't fit their expectations. Women are, in the end, forced to compromise, where they should be able to demand the best.

There are also many issues in, for example, the world of feminine hygiene, which has revealed to be neither satisfactory nor truly healthy. Many startups are now taking this on, to offer safer alternatives.

... A brand created by women!

To understand how these values are embodied in the brand, it must already be understood that ALL TIGERS is not the brilliant idea of one person, but was born thanks to the collective intelligence of women.

ALL TIGERS co-created on social networks

The brand was created on Instagram. A page was made very early in the project, and the question of "What if we created the perfect Lipstick?" was launched on social media. 300 followers the very first day! The community grew progressively, and women were able to take over and approve of each step according to their beliefs. A crowdfunding campaign, successful at 320%+, was the cherry on the cake! From a creation where women had validated everything: colors, packaging, natural and vegan formulas–but especially the values.   

Because that is the issue. What does my lipstick stand up for? In lipstick ads, women can either smile or be seductive. Are these the only roles brands assign to women in society? Uh... for example, don't they have the right to speak, too?


Yes, they have every right to! This freedom of words is also the key to women's progress. Women have the right to speak loudly, to speak badly, to talk about futile things, or to carry a political message: in every single case, the most important thing is the ability to have their voices be heard.  

And makeup should play this role of unveiling self-confidence, a personality booster. This is why each color of ALL TIGERS lipstick bears a name, "CALL ME QUEEN," "LEAD THE GAME," "STEAL THE SHOW": it's a slogan, a mantra, an affirmation of your right to be treated with respect.

ALL TIGERS wants to portray women as determined, courageous, committed. And it's shaking up the discourse of other beauty brands, that have accustomed us to romanticism or seduction... Hence the #morethanlipstick hashtag found on our Instagram account: Yes, It's much more than a lipstick. It's an emblem for women. On the ALL TIGERS blog, we give women the open mic through interviews that combine sisterhood, ambition, entrepreneurial spirit... and still a little about beauty! In short, the idea is to offer a voice to women with affirmed convictions engaged in their professional and personal lives.

The Tiger as emblem for women

At the very beginning of the project, when we didn't even have a name yet, a woman said "With the revival of the feminist movement I feel strong and powerful, yet I also feel threatened, with the questionable ingredients in cosmetics being yet another thing that endangers us".

Powerful and endangered... the parallel with the King of the jungle stood out to us: the Tiger, so powerful and yet endangered... We are all tigers, we are ALL TIGERS! It has become the emblem of the brand: be aware of your strength, though this does not lessen your trials, obstacles, difficulties, oppositions, or threats.

Tigers are 1% shareholders of the brand: supporting local people

Member of 1% FOR THE PLANET, ALL TIGERS donates 1% of its sales to the Association POH KAO, founded by Véronique Audibert, which supports tiger protection programs in Asia. Saving the Tiger is far beyond being interested in a single animal. There are whole eco-systems to preserve due to consequences of global warming and, even more so, human activities, such as deforestation or poaching, which exposes vulnerable local population to organized criminal organizations.

These projects are thus started in partnership with local people, often very poor, who depend first and foremost on the forest's natural resources. And women play an essential role in those communities, as leaders in restoration and food sources.

ALL the United Nations?

In the episode of the beauty toaster podcast where he was interviewed, the founder of ALL TIGERS said this about his daughter: "Her passion is women's place in society. She was the initial spark for this project, and she continues to inspire me and the brand today. Thanks to her, we don't lose sight of the original goal and are always are reminded why ALL TIGERS exists. It's much more than a lipstick. We must always remember the positive message that we want to communicate to women, about the values of courage, strength, and determination that we always want to carry.

For some, creating a lipstick brand is paired with dreaming of seeing it worn for a high-end fashion show. My goal, rather, is to see it worn by a woman speaking at the General Assembly of the United Nations, or as she receives a Nobel Prize. That's what makes things move for women. And I think, for my daughter, that would be the real reason for pride. Basically, that's why ALL TIGERS was born."  

We're counting on you, girls. Go get the Nobel Prize, and don't forget you are ALL TIGERS.

What do you think? Is it going too far to claim feminism for a lipstick? Do you think that a lipstick shouldn't play that role, or it is necessary today for brands to make a statement and be heard? Don't hesitate to let us know.

And don't forget, the Queen of the jungle is you. You want to take the reins of ALL TIGERS? There’s one thing you can do: follow us on Instagram and let your voice be heard.  We consult our community every step of the way. Ready to roar? ROAARRR!  

[Photo: Chick McClure]

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