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COUP DE GRIFFE, the herbal tea signed ALL TIGERS

STRIKE, it's theinfusion fortifiante signed ALL TIGERS. With the success of our base top coat treatment, the community asked us to expand our nail care offer... And one thing leading to another, we came up with COUP DE GRIFFE.

Certain plants are indeed recognized for their fortifying properties : ALL TIGERS partners with Kodama, theparisian infuser alchemist, to create COUP DE GRIFFE, a new generation infusion dedicated to the queens of the modern jungle.

An infusion of strength

Celebrating female power, encouraging you to explore all its facets, that's what drives us at ALL TIGERS. Each of our creations is designed to boost your self-confidence, give you courage and strength to meet the thousand challenges of everyday life.

What do you need every day? A 'Claw' in the morning, a boost to feel in a fighting mood, ready to jump into the arena and take up the challenges of everyday life. This is how theinfusion fortifiante, in a holistic approach.

The 3 benefits of ALL TIGERS herbal tea

Following the principles of naturopathy, COUP DE GRIFFE combines different plants for specific benefits:  

- Day after day, the benefits of the bamboo-barley-bean complex, a well-known source of essential constituents of appendages (hair-nails) such as silicon, an essential nutrient for natural growth of strong and healthy nails. To strengthen fragile nails, the idea is that the daily intake of the infusion can accompany the regular application of the ALL TIGERS nail polish range, all enriched with care active ingredients (bamboo, acerola, glycerin, centella asiatica).

- Each morning, a dose of energy : the dazzling alliance of 5 spices (ginger, coriander, turmeric, black pepper and pink pepper), softened by notes of vanilla and liquorice, to attack the day and face the challenges of everyday life.

- In defense, the goji berry, queen of antioxidant superfoods, surrounded by ginger and turmeric, to fight against oxidative stress.

infusion coup de griffe dans une tasse

Fiercely delicious

For the creation of its exclusive infusion recipe, ALL TIGERS called on the expertise of Kodama's infusing alchemists. If you don't know the Kodama tea room, rue Tiquetonne in Paris, it's time to visit! Their specialty: the original creation of teas and infusion blends, using 100% natural blends of the best plants. The famous Gault & Millau guide was not mistaken, designating Kodama among the best craftsmen in France in 2020 and 2021. 


We asked Vincent, one of Kodama's co-founders, to describe the flavors of the COUP DE GRIFFE infusion in his own words.

And to start, there is obviously the first contact with the infusion, the idea being to make a spicy infusion acceptable even to those who are not too fond of spices! Quite a challenge, taken up with talent. Vincent explains: "I would describe the infusion as a spicy, gourmet and coumarined triple accord. The attack is lively but not aggressive, you can feel the bite of ginger and the notes of coriander seed, which evoke citrus fruits. The heat of spices are slowly beginning to make themselves felt. In the heart notes, we feel the greediness and freshness of anise and liquorice, which will lighten the spicy flavor. Vanilla is gently felt, subtle, discreet. Still on the heart, there is a 'coumarinated' fragrance, which evokes straw and dry wood. »

After that ? Vincent describes the base flavors as follows: : “Barley, bamboo and beans emerge later, with a food flavor that evokes the fibers and the benefits of plants. The turmeric also brings a powdery and delicately "earthy" note at this time. On the finish, there remains the freshness of the two peppers, the spiciness of ginger and the natural sweetness of liquorice. It should be noted that the infusion has a very good length in the mouth."

So, who feels ready to discover the treatment infusion COUP DE GRIFFE

And if you want to continue building ethical and natural cosmetics, join the movement and take the reins of ALL TIGERS! Subscribe now to our page Instagram and make your voice heard. We consult with our community at every key brand milestone. Ready to roar? ROAAARRRR!

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