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The ALL TIGERS x Beauté Insolente Special Hair Growth Box

Put an end to brittle, fragile, dull hair, hair that grows too slowly...? As we know, these issues have a direct impact on self-confidence. 

 The wonderful welcome you gave to our Hair & Nail Gummies boosted us to support you further on these topics.

For a limited edition, ALL TIGERS joins forces with the hair expert BEAUTY INSOLENT to offer you the Special Hair Growth Box and act at each stage of hair growth. It's time to give your mane a boost, with natural and high-performance products!

The collab 

It all started with a professional crush between Stephanie, founder of Beauté Insolente, and Alexis, founder of ALL TIGERS, who share the same passion for resolutely natural cosmetics.

Beauty insolent is a brand of natural body and hair products made in France. The brand advocates acceptance of oneself, of one's skin, of one's hair... because you are all insolently beautiful and naturally beautiful.

The special hair growth ritual

  • > Le Hair scrub to detoxify before your usual shampoo; 96% naturally derived 100% vegan
  • > Le Growth activator serum to sanitize and stimulate growth; 99.9% natural origin, non-vegan product
  • > The Hair mist to hydrate and soothe; 99.9% natural origin 100% vegan
  • > and 3 months Hair & Nail Gummies (i.e. 3 boxes) to promote hair growth and strengthen hair; 97% naturally derived 100% vegan

These 6 references (3 Beauté Insolente products and 3 boxes of ALL TIGERS gummies) are offered in a box at the exceptional price of €79, for a total value of 132€ of products.


Want to take over ALL TIGERS? Only one solution: subscribe now to our instagram page and make your voice heard. Many other projects are to come! We consult with our community at every key brand milestone. Ready to roar? ROAAARRRR! 


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