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The ideal nail lacquer: the results of our exhaustive survey with our community

Who said that lacquer should be SCARY? Who thought it wise to pump lacquer formulas with ingredients that are suspected of being toxic, cancerous, or full of endocrine disruptors? For ALL TIGERS, there’s no need. One thing's for sure: It's time to bare your claws. 

And, as you already know, thanks to your input, we were able to create the ideal nail lacquer that’s green, vegan, and available here.

There are many of you fighting beside us for beauty more respectful of women and their convictions. A few weeks back, we launched our study for the ideal lacquer. In all honesty, we never could have even dreamed of the amount of responses we received, with more than several hundred per day! This shows us that nail lacquer is anything but superficial: it’s fun, but it's serious. And it’s a beauty product millions of women use daily—they deserve better!


ALL TIGERS commentaires

But going beyond the numbers, we were so moved by your feedback throughout the study, from your encouragement, to your detailed replies, to your suggestions and your warnings... We’re excited to be sharing this experience with you! This bond we’ve had with some of you since the beginning of it all, and with others just recently, has gotten only stronger. We feel like we know you better, which helps us respond to your wants and needs even better. Thank you for supporting us as we champion for beauty that’s truly respectful of women and their convictions.

The trust you’ve so genuinely displayed inspires us! Now we’re at the starting point: ALL TIGERS will launch its natural and vegan nail lacquers come June 2019.

And even during this crunch time, we're not getting rid of our golden rule: giving you the power! Because this is how ALL TIGERS was born.

Nail lacquer study: a fundamental step for the creation of ALL TIGERS

Seriously, we don’t know why more brands don't get your input more often before launching something new... It makes sense to speak with future users directly, right?

This survey was essential for us as we needed to choose between multiple types of formulas.

From its very beginning, ALL TIGERS was built thanks to the commitment from our Instagram community of passionate followers, who guided and approved every step of the way as we created our first line of lipsticks. And since, it has been the community that brought us to this project, from survey to survey, month to month. So, thanks to you, ALL TIGERS is going to launch natural and vegan nail lacquers! You got it, Tigers: your wish is our command.

Since late 2018, we’ve been visiting and finding inspiration from labs that work with experts in the field of natural goods...but lacquer isn't lipstick, so while we prioritize anything and everything that's natural, we learned there’s still a few synthetic ingredients necessary to ensure shine, balance, and long-lasting wear. So it's up to us to make the best compromise, while keeping YOUR convictions our first concern.

The results of the study: what Tigers want

This was the guiding light of our study. The questions we asked you were all about what the ALL TIGERS team holds dear: the importance of natural, what our newest generations truly want in a lacquer, where you like to buy your lacquer, etc.

We took out our reading glasses and pored over your replies. Today, we're providing you with the feedback we got, so you can remain at the heart of our entire process. 

It’s now time to discover your responses as well as the trends we were able to detect. Popping colors, more than 4-day wear, natural or not? We’ll tell you more!

Brands: green's lagging behind – Which brands would you vote for? There were only just a handful of you to list the few green brands available on the nail lacquer market. Unknown, too pricey, not appealing: your replies did not point any fingers at the quality of the formula, but the supply didn't seem to be speaking to you. However, many of you listed brands specialized in lacquer, like OPI, Essie, Mavala. No surprise there, since their colors are everywhere!—in shops, salons, supermarkets, and even pharmacies. Our conclusion? You’re still looking for a green-savvy lacquer brand!

Place of purchase: you’re open - Where do you go to find your treasures? You can buy nail lacquer in a number of places, but where do you feel the most comfortable going? We noticed in your responses that perfume shops are at the top, followed by supermarkets to buy the latest nail lacquers! Small surprise: the winner and runner up are not far in front of the 3rd place of online shops being voted in. It spoke in favor of our strategy valuing freedom: to not get stuck in one network and explore different paths, there where the queens of the jungle shop!

Addict much, Tigers? – When we ask how many lacquers you have in your closet, we’re not disappointed! More than 40% of you said that you have more than 15! Only 19% have less than 5 on hand... Are you nail lacquer addicts, perhaps? Well, ALL TIGERS is going to start off with a small range of 6 lacquers, made up of colors chosen with you—just the essentials for the summer... it's a good start, right?

The top coat is the base (or is it the opposite?) – For all supplementary products or treatments, a base and a top coat are crucial for your manicure moments. And for that, ALL TIGERS has a surprise coming your way...

The price? A delicate but necessary question – A price is one of the most complicated things to set. We’ve found lacquer at every price, and even more natural products offer a range of prices, from discount to luxury. Living in luxury? Only 13% of you are willing to pay more than 14€, which isn't our bag, anyway. Our philosophy lies on being fair, to remain accessible while keeping in mind the direct costs that come from the raw material, packaging, and even the necessary profit to keep the company and its partners going. The majority of you opted for the price range of 10 to 14 euro for a natural and vegan nail lacquer. The ALL TIGERS nail lacquer will be at 12,80€, close in price to leading brands like OPI and Essie.

The fact that it’s natural is an undeniable plus, but... – Ethics and health are two subjects you strongly hold on to—and, as you know, that’s the entire spirit of our approach. A respect for animals, a devotion to natural ingredients, a want for controversial elements to be eliminated in products: all of these placed high on your list of priorities... But green goods was at the top, according to the survey! And through this, we were able to determine that you approve of our commitment to natural, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients and thank you for trusting us to make the best compromise when it comes to green and quality.

For quality can't be compromised– A nail lacquer that flakes after 24 hours? Unacceptable! You practically all agree on one thing, and that's quality. For you, a high-performing and long-lasting lacquer that can be worn for more than 4 days is key. And its wear, shine, and color all count towards that high quality. Okay, noted! We distanced ourselves from completely natural formulas that don't respond to these criteria and we chose the best one that performs just as well as any classic competitor while staying true to our natural roots. Go, Tiger!

Well, that’s the gist of your replies, and we’re holding on to your suggestions and comments on packing, application, and colors dearly. They're extremely important to us! 

In addition to the survey, you can see on our Instagram account that we’re not slowing down. The ALL TIGER team is hard at work to launch before summer. We’re seeking you out every step of the way in order to develop the perfect product. We asked you about the collection's colors, we gave you an inside look of our packing creation meetings... This is your nail lacquer.

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Vivement le mois de juin !!! 🤩

Flor Bela

Bonjour la Team ! j’ai tellement hâte de découvrir vos nouveaux vernis ! très belle initiative, belle journée !


Sympa pour le retour les Tigers! On se sent utile et écoutée. Keep on the good rooarr!!!! 😁

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