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ALL TIGERS celebrates the Year of the Tiger with the TIGER BOX

In the lunar calendar, major in many Asian countries, February 2022 opens the Year of the Tiger, symbol of audacity, courage and ambition, like a call to adventure. 

Access the TIGER BOX


To celebrate this occasion - which only happens every 12 years - ALL TIGERS unveils a exceptional limited edition : the Year of the TIGER BOX.

Using the principle of a beauty box, the TIGER BOX brings together all ALL TIGERS bestsellers to place the year under the sign of the power of the Tiger.

Tigers weapons for 2022:

Intense and long-lasting colors, natural and vegan formulas, it's the ideal gift to offer or to offer for a Year 2022 full of positive energy.


In the coming weeks, brands will make a lot of use of the image of the tiger... But how many will make a concrete commitment to the preservation of the animal?

This is also what we intend the box to do: to make cosmetics players aware of their responsibility in the face of the environmental emergency. We are choosing to increase our annual support by donating 5% of box sales (against 1% throughout the year) to our partner association Poh Kao, to continue the effort to preserve the wild tiger in Asia.

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