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Zoom KIT Ongles Fuchsia & Paillettes
Zoom KIT Ongles Fuchsia & Paillettes
Zoom KIT Ongles Fuchsia & Paillettes

KIT Ongles Fuchsia & Paillettes

Avec SISI La Paillette

30,00 € EUR

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ALL TIGERS invite SISI La Paillette pour des nail arts éclatants !

Pour des ongles au look étincelant, ce kit réunit 3 produits :

  • Le mélange de paillettes RUNWAY mêlant or, or rose et argent, signé SISI La Paillette
  • Le 2-en-1 BASE/TOP COAT 'PUNCH THE AIR' transparent
  • Le vernis soin FUCHSIA 196 'EAT THE DRUM', un rose tirant sur rouge, bien équilibré

Pourquoi on adore ? 

Cette collab', c'est une idée brillante pour des nail arts éclatants. D'un côté, des paillettes comme on les aime, à base de plantes et biodégradables, ultra brillantes, vegan. De l'autre,  un vernis longue tenue et notre base/top coat iconique bio-sourcée et vegan, qui protège l'ongle, optimise la tenue, le 2 vernis étant gorgés d'actifs fortifiants (bambou source de silicium, glycérine, acérola et centella).

Comment appliquer ? Munissez vous de vos paillettes préférées, votre couleur de vernis favorite, et la base/top coat.

Paillettes signées SISI La Paillette mêlant or, or rose et argent.
A combiner avec le vernis Fuchsia et la base/top coat pour fixer le tout.

Munissez vous de vos paillettes préférées, votre couleur de vernis favorite, et la base/top coat. Appliquez le 2-en-1 BASE/TOP COAT et 2 couches de votre vernis favori Déposez vos paillettes, au-dessus d'une feuille pour récupérer le surplus Appliquez le 2-en-1 BASE/TOP COAT pour fixer le tout

Retrouvez la liste des ingrédients dans la fiche de chaque produit. Pot 3.5gr à 4g / Flacons 11ml

KIT Ongles Fuchsia & Paillettes

30,00 € EUR

Color Rich Grrreen Lipstick

Would you ever have guessed that a natural lipstick could have so much pigment? GREEN Up to 100% natural ingredients and 40% organic ingredients. All questionable crude oils and chemical ingredients are excluded. The formula is also essential oil and gluten free. 100% VEGAN Zero animal-based ingredients. We are against animal testing and exploitation of any kind.

Long-Lasting Wear and Chap-Free

Smudge-free lipsticks are often unfortunately filled with, they dry out your lips. On the other hand, natural products are comfortable in addition to being great for your health. The ALL TIGERS lipstick formula is a cocktail of plant oils (castor, coconut, jojoba, sunflower, etc.), carnauba plant wax, and aloe vera. Their setting power guarantees long-lasting wear all day long. Their active power provides a “balm effect” for ongoing comfort.

makeup tips

How do I choose my lipstick shade?

To find the lipstick shades that match your complexion, take our quiz: "Find your shades" !

How to optimize the hold of lipstick?

Formulated without silicone, the lipstick is not 'transfer-free': after application, press the lips on a tissue to 'fix' the colour.

How to properly remove lipstick?

Our red is tenacious! For effective makeup removal, we recommend a rich texture such as a cleansing milk or oil.

Formula Questions

Are there any animal-derived ingredients in the formula?

No, zero animal derivatives, zero animal exploitation for our formulas. All ALL TIGERS products are 100% vegan.

Are there essential oils in the formula?

No, our lipsticks do not contain essential oils. You can find the full ingredient list of our lipsticks by following this link.

Is there silicone in the formula?

No, our lipsticks do not contain silicone. Natural priority! Therefore, we do not tolerate any ingredient from petrochemicals, such as silicones.

Do lipsticks contain cochineal carmine?

No, zero cochineal carmine in our formulas. Cochineal is an insect from which is extracted a scarlet red pigment (INCI name: CARMIN), traditionally used in cosmetics. ALL TIGERS being a 100% vegan makeup brand, we do not use this pigment.

During and after use

How long can I use the product?

Close well after each use, and store away from daylight. After opening, the optimal period of use is 12 months, as for conventional lipsticks.

What to do with end-of-use packaging?

When the products are used, you can put them in the tray intended for packaging. The cardboard box and the bottle are made of recyclable materials.

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