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Cure | Fortifying Infusion


22,80 € EUR

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What's this ? Our fortifying herbal tea in format 2 month cure. Arm yourself by force before facing the challenges of everyday life ! 

👊 SHAPED CLAWS > For strong & healthy nails, a bamboo-barley-bean complex, source of essential constituents such as silicon.

🔥 ENERGY BOOST > Against fatigue, a mixture of 5 spices (ginger, cardamomturmeric, black pepper and pink pepper) Which will give you the dose of energy you need to start your day.

GLOW SOURCE > A 'super-infusion' based on the queen of 'superfoods': the goji berry. Its particularity? A high concentration of anti-oxidants, whose role is to contribute to the reinforcement of the natural defenses of the organization... And it is good for the radiance of the skin!

100% natural. 100% Vegan. Without theine. 

Ferociously delicious | To create its first infusion, ALL TIGERS called on the Parisian tea room Kodama, named among the best artisans in France by Gault & Millau. Rounded off by notes of vanilla and liquorice, the bursting energy of spices structures this infusion designed to face the day with all the claws outside.

A strength cure | To be used daily or in 1 month cure, as part of a balanced diet. For fragile or damaged nails, daily intake of ALL TIGERS infusion can supplement the regular use of ALL TIGERS varnishes, all enriched with a cocktail of care active ingredients (strengthening bamboo, vitaminized acerola, restorative centella asiatica and nourishing glycerin ).

Posologie : 1 gomme à mâcher par jour.

Cure de 3 mois recommandée.

Good news ! 1 gummie = moins de calories que dans 3 cerises

Ne peut être substitué à une alimentation variée et équilibrée. Ne pas dépasser la dose journalière recommandée. Tenir hors de la portée des jeunes enfants. Tenir à l’abri de la lumière, de la chaleur et de l’humidité. Contient du zinc – Femmes enceintes ou allaitantes : demandez conseil à un professionnel de santé.

Le flacon des gummies ongles & cheveux est en PET recyclable, vous pouvez donc le jeter dans le bac de tri.

Ingrédients : Sucre, Sirop de glucose, Eau, Gélifiant, Pectine, Acidifiant : Acide citrique, Extrait sec de Prêle 40 mg (dont Silice 2,8mg), Citrate de zinc 32,05 mg (dont Zinc 15mg 100%VNR1), Extrait sec d’Ortie 20 mg, Arôme naturel goût cerise, Régulateur d’acidité : Citrate de sodium, Colorant : Anthocyanes, Vitamine B8 5µg (100%VNR1). 1Valeurs Nutritionnelles de Référence.

Cure | Fortifying Infusion

22,80 € EUR

Beauty Supplements Adapted to Your Needs

Discover our range of natural beauty supplements to support the natural growth of strong and healthy nails as well as boost your energy and make your skin glow.

This is a treatment you are sure to follow!

Certain health and beauty problems can be regulated with supplements. But their texture, flavor, and look often leave much to be desired, which results in a treatment not being completed and the loss of their full benefits. Practical, delicious, and fun to eat, these gummies contain the exact same dose of active ingredients as any classic supplement, so you can keep yourself healthy without any effort at all!


What issues are ALL TIGERS gummies targeting?

Weak and brittle hair, too slow growth, regular fall, half-mast nails? It can be a sign of a lack of certain vitamins and minerals. ALL TIGERS gummies aim, through an optimized dosage, to improve the condition of the nails, and promote the growth and strengthening of the hair.

Are ALL TIGERS gummies really effective?

Each gummie contains the same active ingredients, at the same dosages, that one would find in a tablet or other forms of dietary supplement. Additional advantage: the taste! We recommend following 3 months of treatment for lasting and tangible results.

Do gummies grow body hair?

Hair bulbs are much more active than hair bulbs, this formula does not come with any noticeable impact on hair growth.

The formula

Are ALL TIGERS gummies natural?

Yes, ALL TIGERS gummies are made with 97% naturally derived ingredients, including gelling agents, flavorings and colorings. The remaining 2% correspond to vitamin B8 (Biotin) and zinc, which contribute to the effectiveness of the formula, and the citric acid necessary to stabilize the formula.

Are ALL TIGERS gummies vegan and gluten free?

Yes, ALL TIGERS gummies are 100% vegan and gluten free. In particular, they do not contain animal gelatin: instead, fruit pectin is used as a gelling agent. No animal testing is carried out, no direct or indirect animal exploitation is implemented.

Do ALL TIGERS gummies contain artificial colors and flavors?

No, these gummies contain natural cherry flavor and color from natural food sources (plants, fruits or vegetables).

How long will my jar of gummies keep?

The gummies retain all their qualities until the expiry date indicated on the jar. 

The cure

Why only 1 gummie a day?

We have succeeded in placing all the active ingredients, corresponding to the daily intake recommended by the authorities, in a single gummie, in order to simplify daily intake, and to limit sugar intake. 

Can I combine these gummies with other dietary supplements?

You can perfectly combine this cure with other food supplements. Exception: it is not recommended to combine this cure with another cure providing 5 mg or more of zinc (the maximum recommended dose is 15mg per day, and our gummies correspond to 10mg per day of zinc).

What is the amount of sugar in each gummie?

Total sugar (Mono and di-saccharides): 1.95g/gummie. 1 gummie is less than the caloric intake of 3 cherries. This remains reasonable, nothing to unbalance your diet.

When is the best time to consume dietary supplements?

There is no particular recommendation for our gummies. You can choose the time of day that seems easiest to you to anchor your habit and ensure daily intake.

Are gummies indicated in case of pregnancy, during breastfeeding, in the case of medical treatment?

There are no contraindications. However, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under medical treatment, we generally invite you to seek advice from a health professional before any supplementation. 

Are gummies compatible with a vegan diet, or another specific diet?

The gummies are compatible with vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free diets. If you have any doubts and you follow a particular diet, we invite you to contact a health professional.

What duration of treatment is recommended?

It is possible to consume the gummies continuously, throughout the year. We recommend following at least 3 months of treatment for tangible results for your hair and nails.

Are gummies recommended for children?

The ALL TIGERS formula is not suitable for children. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Une excellente infusion matinale pour bien commencer la journée !

L'infusion est naturel et le goût me plaît beaucoup.
Un vrai coup d'énergie après une nuit non paisible.
Bravo pour la formulation de ce produit !

Très bon

Ce thé est naturel comme les produits de la gamme, très bon et avec une senteur très agréable, à utiliser de préférence le matin ou pour le midi car c'est fortifiant. Je découvre un peu plus la gamme et je apprécie du coup énormément. Le contenant est sympa aussi et permet de garder intact le thé. Il en contient pas mal et de +, il n'y a pas besoin d'en mettre grande quantité privilégiant la qualité gustative. Parfait !

Priscilla G
Une infusion pleine de saveurs

Une infusion qui a du goût, saine pour le corps et qui donne un vrai coup de boost le matin !

Enfin une infusion qui a du goût !

Superbe découverte avec cette infusion ! Le goût est bien là, bien présent mais pas trop non plus ; un savant dosage qui pep's vraiment en bouche ; Bravo !

Du bon et du bien !

Une infusion d'excellente qualité et vraiment très bonne :) La boîte est super jolie sur mon bureau.

Évaluation coup de griffe

Top! Bon et boostant

Camilia Slaoui
A tester !

Belle découverte, très agréable pour les papilles :). J'adore les subtiles notes épicées en fin de bouche, que l'on peut accentuer en laissant infuser un peu plus longtemps. A tester !

Marine Blanloeuil
Une tuerie

Comme toujours alltigers je craque
L'infusion est une tuerie la badiane prédomine une invitation à continuer l'été. Ma mère est conquise elle aussi

je recommande

J'ai adoré son goût épicé. Il est agréable en bouche. lle est déjà ma chouchoute de l'automne. Très belle boite à conserver !

Zoé B
Coup de cœur !

Cette infusion est très douce et agréable en bouche. J'étais sceptique sur les épices mais la touche de vanille apporte une belle douceur.
Un bon boost d'énergie pour un goût au top. Je recommande vivement !


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